The Industry Leader in REO

Increase oversight, eliminate lost files and market properties quicker


As the market continues to stabilize, REO remains a core component of default servicing. The core components of REO have remained the same, but the process has evolved. Equator’s® REO product continues to lead the industry- shortening timeframes, reducing costs, and improving execution.

REO empowers servicers as they prepare to market REOs, quickly determining occupancy and securing the property against degradation and code violations thanks to advanced preservation workflows. Valuation can be automatically ordered, while detailed gain/loss worksheets accompany every marketing plan. Once the property is listed, market updates via monthly marketing reports make pricing adjustments easier than ever before, while our award-winning Offer Management System enables rapid offer negotiation. Upon offer acceptance, contracts are electronically generated and distributed to all parties, while HUD compliance is confirmed. Finally, fund transfer is reported in real-time, ensuring no time is wasted in updating property status upon sale.

Time to market is more important than ever given increasingly slim margins for REO. Our proven task management framework provides clear timelines for every task required, reducing confusion and missed deadlines. Agents and vendors are directly connected via powerful portals, EQagent and EQvendor, providing a uniform structure for every property by further reducing errors, costly delays and speeding time to market. Employee productivity is improved thanks to integrated work queues that empower users to sort work based on their preferences. Exception-based reporting alerts managers when reviews are needed, further freeing them to focus their efforts on more important tasks.

REO includes a number of specific controls that empower servicers of any size to be confident of their decisions. The Cash for Keys (CFK) calculator assists in quickly determining the value of REOs with calculations based on eviction costs. This helps decrease occupancy timelines, and in turn, carrying costs. Automated valuation ordering determines what valuations are needed based on investor-specific criteria and unpaid principal balance (UPB). Values are automatically updated as needed per investor requirements, reducing staff involvement. Offer approval matrices, another such control, can select and approve offers based on property and offer attributes. Manager-selected values can be changed in seconds, and all results are recorded for reporting.


  • Increased vendor oversight
  • Bring properties to market faster
  • The best disposition options for REO
  • Eliminates lost documents and files
  • Respond to offers instantly

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