Real Estate Segmentation

Determine the Optimal Marketing Strategy

Determining the ideal pricing and outcome for each REO property can consume valuable labor hours when done manually or using disparate technologies and data sources. Add the number of ever-changing investor regulations, in addition to fluctuating home values, and the ideal pricing and market strategy can literally change from month-to-month.

Real Estate Segmentation provides servicers an advanced rules engine to determine the optimal REO disposition strategy for a given property or portfolio. It helps review and select the appropriate REO sale strategy for properties based on a real-time analysis of historical disposition timelines, proprietary Equator® real-time data, NPV calculations, servicing platform data and available incentives.

Real Estate Segmentation helps assign properties among operational teams once due diligence on the property or portfolio has been completed. A client-controlled rules engine allows for effortless control of multiple disposition options including auction and donation. Its automated NPV calculations ensure consistent, optimal returns for each property across all team members. Real Estate Segmentation reduces timelines by enabling quicker decision making, while eliminating unnecessary marketing efforts for properties.

Real Estate Segmentation creates and optimizes consistent methodology for the selection of disposition strategies. This methodology assists in the assignment of assets to both internal and external teams while providing forecasting ability on potential portfolio advances and losses. Risk assessment forecasts enable management to evaluate single loans or bulk portfolio exposure while weighing potential losses. EQSnapshot provides a full audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate investor reporting.


  • Automated NPV calculations ensure consistent and optimal returns
  • Client controlled rules engine provides control of multiple disposition options
  • Reduces timelines by enabling faster decisions
  • Full audit trail for regulatory compliance
  • Forecast cash flow and severity at loan and portfolio level

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