Investor Portal

Clear communication for investors

Investors are a critical component in the Loss Mitigation process. But many servicers communicate with investors via email creating person specific dependencies and making decisions hard to track and audit. By inviting investors directly into the Loss Mitigation system a clear and direct approval and communication channel becomes available.

The Investor Portal, like other Equator® products, unites agents, investors, mortgage insurance companies, customer service, vendors, and servicers within a common management framework. Servicers rely on the Investor portal to increase and automate the interaction of the investors during critical communication and approval milestones such as:

  • Electronic approval of:
    • Loan Modification Parameters
    • Short Sale Offers
    • REO Offers
    • CFK Values
  • Secure messaging
  • Viewing supporting documentation for assets
  • Viewing real-time loss mitigation status

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By directly involving investors and MI companies, communication is significantly increased and fully auditable. Real-time statuses and viewable milestones increase servicer transparency, often resulting in greater investor confidence and increased delegation.


  • Full approval compliance trail
  • Reduced approval timelines
  • Increased communication with Investors
  • Reduce FTE requirements


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