Borrower Portal

Improve timelines, reduce call volume

The Borrower Portal collects required documentation for the loss mitigation process from borrowers, real estate agents, and attorneys. Offering a centralized location for document collection, it eliminates lost documents and associated delays.

The Borrower Portal, like other Equator® products, unites agents, borrowers, customer service, vendors, and servicers within a common management framework. Servicers using the borrower portal utilize single sign on, co-hosted URL’s and client specific branding to create a seamless extension of the clients’ existing customer portal experience. Once a borrower or designated third-party gains access to the borrower portal they can participate directly in loss mitigation efforts with processes such as:

  • Financial Worksheets
  • Short Sale Agent Selection
  • For Sale By Owner specific tasking
  • Borrower Questionnaires – Change of Address, Reason for Default / Hardship
  • Supply Required Financial Documents Electronically
  • Messaging
  • Real-time Loss Mitigation Status Updates

By including borrowers in the loss mitigation process, communication is significantly increased and recorded for full audit compliance. Real-time statuses, provided automatically to borrowers through the portal, serve to substantially call volume. The Borrower Portal reduces documentation timelines as faxes and snail mail packages are no longer required thanks to digital document delivery.


  • Eliminate lost documents and files
  • Reduced customer support costs
  • Improved involvement with home owners
  • Reduced staffing and training requirements
  • Compliance with Borrower Communication rules

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