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Whether you require an end-to-end default solution or just need support for a targeted strategy — REO, foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, deed in lieu — you can count on Equator®.

Equator is the award-winning platform utilized by prominent servicers, agents, and vendors to make default management easy and lucrative.

Experience the power of big bank solutions at an affordable price. Incredible tools developed for the most sophisticated servicers and GSE in the U.S. are now available to servicers of any size with zero start up times and very low out of pocket costs.


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PRO Servicing Software Offers You:

  • PROCESS MANAGEMENT - Flexible BPM workflows, milestone/exception management, and per-investor customer settings.
  • REAL TIME VISIBILITY & CONTROL - Investor, borrower, and buyer portals with customer-defined controls.
  • QUALITY CONTROL - Compliance checkpoints for work review, internal review to reduce audit findings, and performance capture through pass/fail tracking.
  • COMPLIANCE - Total visibility into decision-making, configurations to ensure growth with regulation alterations, and user privilege management.
  • WORKFLOW AUTOMATION - Role-based task tracking, standardized processes, decision management, and valuation/credits expiration tracking.
  • TECHNOLOGY & ANALYTICS - Performance tracking dashboards, Ad-hoc reporting, and add-on integrations, such as system of record write-backs, document collection, and vendor orders.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT - The Equator Team is ready and able to help with anything as you move into the future utilizing our state-of-the-art software.

How it Works

Watch the video to learn how Equator Pro for Servicers can help you manage your default assets portfolio.


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If you are a real estate agent, visit our Agent Portal for help