Real Estate Agents

We Invest in Agents

Equator® believes that agents are our partners and the backbone of the real estate industry. We work to make your job easier and help drive future growth for your business.

Since its inception, Equator® has processed more than $200 billion in transactions. Currently, 4 of the top 5 U.S Servicers and the largest holder of real estate are on the Equator® platform.

Our Vision

To be industry-recognized as both the most helpful and the most valuable real estate partner.

Our Mission

To create digital products and services that deliver intelligence and opportunity while enabling real estate agents’ businesses to grow.

Equator Helps Agents:

  • Promote themselves to servicers that are searching for agents to list to their properties

  • Leverage real-time local market inventory insights within their coverage strategies

  • Manage property files and servicer communications in one secure, convenient system that connects to everyone in the process

  • Boost their visibility with new potential home buyers and sellers of traditional, REO, and short sale real estate

  • View national and market-specific Equator REO data that makes it easier to effectively target marketing dollars

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Agent Products Available Now:

Compete to receive more listing assignments, sell more homes, and make more commissions in your local area.

  • Agent Elite to leverage your business with exclusive access to REO data, REO certification, and real-time alerts.

  • Premium Placement REO Advertising, available by ZIP code, provides you higher ranking in Agent search, and increases your Servicer visibility in search results. 

  • Exclusive Home Search and Property Advertising provides a geographically exclusive promotion opportunity for you in local home searches and property listings on